Wire-Free W3R / W6R / WAR

Available for all kind of metal detectors

Use your own headphones with WR

Key Features

Works perfect with your own favorite headphone

Transfer original, no distortion audio signal 

Only 0.06s delay 

Splash-proof structure 

1 touch button control 

6 hours working time 

Long spring cable 

Easy to attach & secure 

USB rechargeable 

Light weight headphone 

No interference with VLF PI detectors 

Do not effect detectors warranty

Specifications Receiver

Transmitter Cable - 5cm straight

Connector - 1/4"/6.35mm

Attaching - Clip on rod,hang on bags,or store in your pocket

Protection level - Splash-proof

Control - One touch button

Recharge - Micro USB recharge port

Weight - 38g



Transmitter Cable - 25cm straight+5cm coil

Connector - 3.5mm

Attaching - Clip on rod

Protection level - Splash-proof

Control - One touch button

Accessories - Carry case, adapter , ear pads

Weight -33g