Wire-free WA headphones - AT Pro / Gold / ATX

Wire-Free WA Lite

New - Now Available Wire-Free WA Pro

Technical Specifications

Transducer type - Dynamic

Operating principle - Closed

Frequency response - 20–20,000Hz

Nominal impedance - 32Ω

Sound pressure level - 111dB

Power handling capacity - 100 mW

Max. sound pressure level - 131 dB

Sound coupling to the ear - Supra-aural

Headband pressure - 2.5N

Wireless technology - Digital 2.4GHz

Paring type - Manually digital

Weight - 115g

Charging - USB 2.0

Power - 3.7VDC

Current - 40mA

Battery - 300mAh Li-Poly

Transmitting power - 5dbm

Key Features

With Garrett AT Pro AT Gold ATX plug

Transfer original, no distortion audio signal 

Only 0.06s delay                              

Splash-proof structure                              

1 touch button control 

6 hours working time 

Long spring cable 

Easy to attach & secure 

USB rechargeable 

Light weight headphone 

No interference with VLF or PI detectors 

Do not effect detectors warranty


WA Headphones
Storage Pouch
Rubber bands
Plug adapter
USB charging cable
User Manual
2 years warranty


Transmitter Cable -  25cm straight+5cm coil

Connector - For Garrett AT pro/gold Infinium 

Attaching - Clip on rod,magnetic attach

Protection level - Splash-proof

Control - One touch button

Accessories - Carry case, adapter , ear pads

Weight - 60g