Wire Free W3 Headphones

Technical Specifications

Transducer type - Dynamic

Operating principle - Closed

Frequency response. - 20–20,000Hz

Nominal impedance - 32Ω

Sound pressure level -111dB

Power handling capacity -100 mW

Max. sound pressure level - 131 dB

Sound coupling to the ear - Supra-aural

Headband pressure - 2.5N

Wireless technology - Digital 2.4 GHz

Paring type - Manually digital

Weight - 11.5kg

Charging - USB 2.0

Power - 3.7VDC

Current - 40mA

Battery - 300mAh Li-Poly

Transmitting power - 5dbm

Transmitter cable - 25cm straight+5cm coil

Connector - W3 (3.5mm) W6 (6.35mm)

Attaching - Clipon on rod, magnetic attach

Protection level - Splash-proof

Control - One touch button

Accessoires - Cary case, adapter, ear pads

Weight - 33g

Key Features

Transfer original, no distortion audio signal 

Only 0.06s delay 

Splash-proof structure 

1 touch button control 

6 hours working time 

Long spring cable 

Easy to attach & secure 

USB rechargeable 

Light weight headphone 

No interference with VLF PI detectors 

Do not effect detectors warranty 

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