Deteknix Marketing & Warehouse Center in E.U.

Deteknix Marketing & Warehouse Center in E.U.
Fr, 11 March 2016

Today,we are happy to announce that Deteknix Inc. will soon set up Deteknix warehouse and distribution system in Netherland for EU market. Deteknix EU will increase sales and offer better service as well as enhancing promotion of Deteknix products in the European countries. Nothing changed but customers get better service and more support from Deteknix.

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Aaron Cooper finds 921 George IV Silver Schilling with Quest Pro !

Our friend Aaron Cooper in the UK was out with his Quest today. Here are the take aways; 1921 George IV Silver Schilling, 18th Century Trade Token, Wilkinson Iron Master Half Penny.

His experience using the Quest has been solid. Very good to excellent depth on even the small finds has been impressive.

The Deteknix Quest Pro performance combined with the value of the included contents, Wireless Headphones, Diamond Digger, Carry Bag, Finds Pouch and Cap are unbeatable.

Thank you for supporting Deteknix and being part of the team!